Loan Application Form (Please read the instruction before filling the form below)

Please Note that this application form consists of 3 pages so make sure you complete every page then submit or your application will not be received.

This Application requires the compulsory submission of 3 documents (Pictures of the documents are acceptable)

  • 3 Months Statement of Account
  • Letter of Employment (For Salary Earners) or Certificate of Business Registration (For Business Owners)
  • Valid Nigerian Means of Identification

NOTE: Our Loans require a guarantor!!!

NOTE: Your business must be registered with the CAC to access our business loans and we will require proof of the registration certificate.
Minimum: ₦200,000 | Maximum: ₦2,000,000
Min: 1 month | Max: 12 months
Our minimum income requirement is ₦80,000. If you earn below this, you are not qualified for our loans and we require a statement of account to prove this.
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